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I am addicted to this service here in Indy.  I have been to the otehr guys here who "offer" manscaping OMG they were a joke.  Not to dog anyone for trying to make a living but if you cant deliver what you promise - then stop scamming your customers.  I tried Scott with Manscape Indy and was blown away by the entire experience.  The perfect home studio with a view of the water and woods behind the house.  I cant say enough.......  Trust me if you need a quick shave, a full manscape session or just a relaxing experience call Scott - MONEY WELL SPENT. I'm here once a month when in town.

Tony 28y/o KANSAS CITY MO - 12/20/13



Was in town for the Colts opening game and decided to treat myself the day before.  I had emailed Scott weeks in advance and he was great with answering all my quesations and concerns.  I am married and my wife hates the hair i have down below and has been after me for years to get is cleaned up.  When I arrived to Scotts place it was VERY clean and well appointed.  He immediately made me feel welcome.  The process began and beforei knew it an hour had gone by and I cant remember being so relaxed and naked at the same time LOL.   I plan on trying to see Scott everytime I am i town for a game.  BTW my wife LOVED the new look and feel!!!! Me too!!!!

-Adam 9/2013


"My first appointment with Scott for manscaping was wonderful so I made another appointment and sure enough it was just as wonderful as the first. The surroundings are very nice and relaxing.  Scott’s personality is so great. He will put you at ease and treat you with respect. I am now considering myself a regular. I look forward to each appointment. The hot towel treatments are out of this world! When I leave I feel and look great. I make a point to stop and get a gelato nearby. Between the wonderful treatment with Scott and the Gelato I feel like I have truly spoiled myself by the end of it all. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment."​
--Dell H.

"After noticing that I could use some trimming, I came across Scott's website.  Intrigued by the range of services he offered, I decided to schedule an appointment with him.  After entering his studio, I found him to be a consummate professional and very courteous and patient, as I discussed the areas that needed trimming.  He took his time, made the experience comfortable and relaxing for me, and worked with me until I was completely satisfied.  His rates are very reasonable, his professionalism is top-notch, his studio and home is meticulous, and his level of attention is amazing.  It is without a doubt that I will go back for regular sessions, so I can look well-trimmed and feel sexy, as we all should feel!"​
-- Bob

"Scott did an awesome job!! His place is very clean, he's well organized with all the proper tools/lotions, and it feel like a very professional relaxed atmosphere! He's very patient, detailed, and gentle. When he was done I was trimmed/shaved and ready for the beaches in Hawai'i! He did an amazing job!! :-) "​
--Jason C.

"I contacted Scott online, and he got right back to me, and we set up a manscaping appointment for later in the week.  His rates are reasonable and he offered a full body trim, which is exactly what I needed.  I'm not too hairy, but I really like to feel neat and trim.  Scott takes his time to get everything exactly right, and I enjoyed the time and attention.  He also wrote everything down, which will make a repeat visit that much easier.  His facility was obviously well prepared, and after some chitchat, I climbed up onto his table and he went to work: arms, legs, chest, back, sack, n crack.  Why isn't this service mainstream?  It will be.  I feel great, thanks Scott."​
--Anthony T.

"I loved Scott's work and it was worth every penny.  As a bisexual male, I did not have any concerns going in.  However, I can say that Scott was professional every second during the service.  The results were amazing and it was worth it having him do it than me trying to do it.  I am looking forward to future appointments."​

"Refreshed, sexy and clean. That's how I felt leaving my appointment with Scott. You will undoubtedly feel just as good after a session at  Manscape Indy. An appointment with Scott begins with a no-nonsense consultation followed by very detailed grooming and ends with quality moisturizing products. All the while you will feel comfortable and relaxed. I saw Scott on Valentine's Day to get ready for a sexy night with my boyfriend. He was even more impressed with Scott's work than I was...if you know what I mean. Treat yourself, make a very cool new friend and feel great in the process. This is the real deal guys and you should take advantage of his expertise ASAP."​
-- Brandon R.

"Scott was patient with me. It took two weeks for us to nail down an appointment time with my busy schedule. Then the day came and I was running late. He patiently helped me and rearranged his appointments. When I got there, his space was comfortable and his manner was pleasant. It was much more like a spa experience than I was expecting. He was professional and the quality of his work was heads above what I could do on my own. I will definitely be going back to him and have recommended him to a couple of my friends."​
-- Josh W.

"Besides the fantastic and meticulous job that Scott does with manscaping, I was most impressed with how quickly I felt comfortable and at ease with this procedure.  I had never done it before and I was very nervous and anxious regarding what to expect.  Upon meeting Scott I felt totally at home in his studio.  I found the whole procedure very relaxing and enjoyable.  I can not wait until my next visit.  Thank you Scott.  I’ll be back!"​
-- Rick H.

"As a working professional male, I have never had my body “manscaped” before.  I always cringed at the idea of taking away my masculine hair, however I have heard good things about Scott in the past and used him for my massage as well.  I figured why not give it a shot right?  Scott was very good at making me feel comfortable, and talking to me about what the different razors would look like.  After you have trimmed your chest a bit, you feel incredibly more sexy and powerful, both in your personal life and the board room as well.  I highly recommend that you try Scott’s services at least once, because it may be for you."​
-- Brian G.

"I had my first appointment at Manscape Indy and it was an excellent experience, not only is Scott professional, comfortable and skilled but he is gentle and completely respectful and educational. Like many men, I have done this service in the privacy of my own shower. Not only did I realize that given anatomy and flexibility, I am only able to accomplish so much. Scott did a fantastic job communicating and recommending what was right for me. We had a good consultation and from that I feel like I have not only gained a Manscaper but a trusted professional friend."​
-- Greg T.

"Scott's manscaping is great. It's killer to have a service like this. The hair on my body grows pretty fast and keeping it trimmed is part of my normal routine. However, I do let it go from time to time. It's such a relief to know that this service is out there. Scott's manscaping service is really helpful, and one less thing I have to worry about when I'm getting ready for work or to go out.  We talked about what I liked and he delivered. I was totally comfortable the whole time and left feeling awesome. I am grateful to be able to rely on Scott to help with manscaping.  It's super to know that I feel confident in my appearance thanks to Scott."​
-- Mike G.

"I've suddenly become very busy with two jobs, leaving no time to spare in my day. When I contacted Scott, not only was he able to accommodate my crazy schedule he saw me the same day I contacted him! I was a bit skeptical when I arrived. It's not often that I have someone manscape my privates. Upon meeting Scott, I was made at ease with his professional and friendly demeanor. Not to mention the clean, well lit environment and calming music playing in the background. Scott was so focused and efficient that he finished an entire body trim within the hour. I would definitely return."​
-- Raul G.

"This was my first time having a professional man-scape. Scott was amazing! Meticulous with great attention to detail.  I'm hooked for good!"​
-- Dave

"I was very nervous going to Scott for the first time but he was friendly and professional and quickly put me at ease.  He is genuinely disarming and makes the experience not only bearable but enjoyable.  I am so grateful for his services.  I never will do my own manscaping again!"​
-- Dan

"Scott is a miracle worker!  Very precise, professional, and personable.  Scott has given me a new look that not only looks great, but feels clean and is empowering.  Thanks Scott! I know I'll be returning when I need it again!"​
-- Gus.

"I've been "man-scaping" for over 15 years. I simply feel cleaner and more hygenic down below when shaved and trimmed on a regular basis. I used two different guys where I lived before moving to San Indianapolis in 2005. Since living here I've had poor experiences with  "man-scapers". But I felt very comfortable with Scott on a number of levels. Since I'm not new to the service, I'm not easily uncomfortable with the positions and physical contact. I was totally comfortable with Scott. He's professional and easy-going. And I've had the best experience since moving to here."​
-- Ben J.

"Very efficient, friendly and professional manscaping service. Painstaking attention to detail and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, very flexible and reasonable rates. With such attitude-free service and competitive prices Scott's is a far preferable environment than most salons."​
-- Matthew

"I've gone to Scott twice for manscaping. I will admit, it was a little awkward at first having someone so close to my intimate areas :) but Scott is a very relaxed and sweet guy. He made me feel at ease. I was in and out, quick and painless. I highly recommend for those hard to reach areas."​
-- Jesse M.

"Scott is what you'd hope for in a 'manscaper': clean, professional, and polite and very hot bear!! I will definitely have Scott freshen me up again."​
-- Daniel S.

"Scott, is a perfect hedge trimmer, he delicately clipped the hedge around my member and below it. I haven't felt this hairless since puberty. Thank you Scott for making this experience painless, and easy!"​
-- Evan

"I won't lie.  Manscaping is a sensitive, uncomfortable thing for most guys, particularly when it involves someone else.  But something about Scott made the entire process both relaxing and gratifying.  Scott is a total pro -- able to put you at ease when you're at your most exposed.  After my trip to his lovely home, complete with actual massage table and Michael Buble’, I felt like a million bucks.  Scott is a cautious perfectionist, which is exactly what you need in this situation.  But more importantly, he's a warm, friendly and genuinely good guy.  I'll definitely be back."​
-- Jordan V.

"Scott is awesome.  He has the skill and expertise to make you look and feel your very best.  What I really liked was the fact that he listens to what his client wants.  I left there looking clean and well groomed while still retaining a natural masculine look about it all.  I would definitely recommend Scott!"​
-- Jonathan R.

"A clean, comfortable environment puts you at ease.  His gentle and meticulous approach leaves you feeling and looking good.  I highly recommend Scott!"​
-- Peter H.

"Scott is professional, thorough, very welcoming and gentle.  He strives to provide a great experience and a perfect result.  I looked and felt clean and fresh." ​
-- Brian H.

"I feel clean and sexy.  It's so hard to do myself!"​
-- Todd

"Wow - what a difference one trip makes! Seeing Scott is such a great way to get trimmed up in all the hard to reach and difficult to see places on one's body. So unless you have a bf or gf who likes to trim your hirsuteness for fun, go see Scott and enjoy his courteous, friendly, and fastidious nature."​
-- JTS

"Scott uses a gentle and attentive touch when manscaping.  The experience is relaxing and satisfying and I leave each time feeling like a new person."​
-- RM

"Scott introduced me to the idea of manscaping as part of my regular routine of self-care.  During the session, Scott was at ease, which put me at ease.  At the end of the session, it was as if Scott and I had known each other for a long time; Scott is a people person.  You won't go wrong."​
-- Bobby M.

"Professional and meticulous.  Only when Scott is satisfied with his work, you will certainly look and feel cleaner!"​
-- Yuri

"Scott is a very nice, relaxed and competent technician.  He has natural ability and very skilled hands.  The great products and comfortable space always make me feel like a million bucks after a trip to Scott."​
-- Timothy C.

"Scott is a real professional, very gentle and thorough.  He puts you at ease and does a great job."​
-- Sean M.

"Getting manscaped by Scott was an extremely pleasant experience. He was very professional and the space and all equipment was clean and tidy. It was the perfect preparation for my beach vacation! Not only was it relaxing but I got the look I was going for and felt confident as ever shirtless. I would highly recommend Scott's services!"​
-- Xavier H.


"Scott's services are great, even if you're skeptical, give him a try.  I walked in with an open mind and it worked out great.  Very easy to get along with and everything is very clean.  He explained the different services he offered and made me feel comfortable.  I'll be back again."​

"Scott recently did an excellent job of trimming the hair on my back and buns. The studio was well lit and clean and Scott worked me into his schedule when I had a break in my day. I look forward to going back when time allows for chest, stomach, legs and privates trim. I would highly recommend him."​
--James W.

"I had never been "manscaped" before and was a bit nervous about it. Scott made me feel comfortable, talked about what I wanted, took his time, and did an EXCELLENT job.  Scott is a true professional."​
--Tom H.

"A sure, steady hand, the patience of a monk and a gimlet eye are requisite when carving a swath through the unruly short and curlies. Scott has all of these. Even more, the handling of such personal effects is to be entrusted on only the most respectable, professional practitioner.  If you don't feel entirely at ease with Scott, then it's likely you have forgotten your meds and should seek treatment immediately.  Even the most masculine, heterodox, high-octane, big-rig grease monkey would feel completely at ease with Scott doing the heavy lifting.  I can highly recommend Scott to shave, pluck, trim and otherwise mow wholesale any and all evidence of hirsutism you carry on your person. You will not regret it, but bring a jacket if the pelt you arrived with was of your own making."​
--Michael H.


STRAIGHT GUY HERE!!! "Hell yeah!" my girlfriend exclaimed when she saw me after my visit to to Scott. She was thrilled with the results, and I was thrilled with the experience! I'm no stranger to a razor, but as a straight guy wanting to impress my girlfriend on a special occasion, I knew it was a great idea to seek the help of someone who can actually see down there. The task of finding a place to get it done was totally daunting, but I figured it had to be possible -- after all, I'm sure the dudes on the Jersey Shore go out and get their "junk did." I really wanted to find an alternative to embarrassing myself in front of an old Asian lady ripping strips of wax off my balls. Stumbling across the Manscape Indy webpage was a total godsend! The pics looked great and the testimonials all praised of Scott's professionalism and thoroughness, so I decided to give it a shot! I can't think of words strong enough to describe how amazing my experience with Scott was! His poise and genuine friendliness immediately put me at ease, and he took his time providing the best spa experience imaginable. At the end of the session I looked my best ever and felt like I had a new friend. When I left, I was beaming. It felt like walking out of a fine old-fashioned barber with a new haircut that you know looks handsomer and sexier than ever before. As for the night with my gf that followed... "Hell yeah!"​
--Will D.

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